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If you or someone you know has (APD), an Auditory Processing Disorder, this book can help you find answers. Until now, there has not been a book that specifically looks at how people with APD have lived and learned to overcome the disorder from childhood into adulthood. This book was written by those people who have lived with APD their entire lives.

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  Ever realize that you or someone you know does not recognize subtle differences between sounds in words, even though the sounds themselves are loud and clear? For example, the request “Tell me how a chair and a couch are alike?” may sound like “Tell me how a hair and a cow are alike.” Or how the constant low tapping or clicking noise can drown out the hearing of a louder conversation, causing certain words not to be heard? These kinds of problems are experienced day in and day out by people suffering from a learning disability known as Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). It is not that the person with APD is not paying attention, as many people assume, it is in fact that they are in a noisy environment or listening to complex information. “Don’t You Get It?” is a unique, comprehensive book written by people who have had to live with APD and learn how to learn, grow and survive daily with it. People with Auditory Processing difficulty typically have normal hearing and intelligence. However, they have also been observed to:

· Have trouble paying attention to any information presented orally.
. Have problems carrying out multi-step directions.
· Need more time to process information.
· Have problems with their relationships or peers.
· Have difficulty with vocabulary, reading, comprehension, spelling, and understanding language or directional tasks.
· Mimic symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder, causing misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment.

“Don’t You Get It?”,Specifically looks at people over three generations of the same family and others as well , who have lived with APD. It demonstrates the struggles that these people went through and shows how they worked and overcame their problems in communicating and learning. If you or anyone you know has even a mild case of an Auditory Processing Disorder, then this is the handbook for you!
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“ This book offers a unique introduction to Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), providing insights from the personal perspectives, struggles and achievements of those whose lives it has touched. The diverse viewpoints presented grant the reader a rich account of the difficulties and possibilities that face those most intimately involved with this disorder. This is a must-read for everyone involved with APD.”
 -Florence L. Denmark, PhD

Distinguished Research Professor, Pace University

Former President, American Psychological Association
“ ……an important book for parents who are in a quandary regarding APD.”
-Jack Katz, PhD

Auditory Processing Service, University of Kansas Medical Center

Prairie Village, Kansas , USA
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Loraine Alderman, Psy.D.
There has been an overwhelmingly fabulous Worldwide response to Dr. Alderman’s book. With parents & professionals from Australia to London, from Bangkok to the Netherlands and all across the USA, gaining amazing insights and experiencing positive results.
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