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      A New Book called-"Don't YOU get IT?- Living with Auditory Processing Disorders" is being applauded by educators, parents and professionals all over Long Island. Co-authored by Dr. Loraine Alderman Psy.D this inexpensive book has been taking the educational literary world by storm. Recently endorsed by many NY parents of Learning Disabled Students and The Long Island Press weekly newspaper and dubbed the "Traveling Auditory Processing Disability Road show" , Dr. Loraine Alderman Psy.D and her co-contributor Carmela Bernacchio have been spreading the word and help by visiting Long Island bookstores and Public Libraries and Learning Centers. With their new book -"Don't YOU get IT?- Living with Auditory Processing Disorders", they can help the learning disabled student to accomplish even greater things than thought possible!

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        In her second book, "I GET IT !! I GET IT!!", Yvonne Capitelli and Loraine Alderman put a human face on this puzzling disorder by viewing it through the eyes of John, a grade school boy who struggles with Auditory Processing every day. With the support of his family and his teacher, John learns how to deal with his disorder. The story enables the reader to better understand the disorder....and offers concrete strategies for the adults in the child's life.

Beyond the John narrative, the book also includes a detailed glossary of related terms and a list of practical modifications and adjustments that parents can make at home to assist the child. This book could be helpful in assisting kids...and deal more effectively with Auditory Processing Difficulties."

And now...She has released her third book entitled, "Survive and Thrive With Auditory Learning Disabilities: Stratigies for Teens, Parents, and Teachers"
Dr. Alderman's goal in writing this book was to help students to navigate school, work and life regarding their APD with more ease. She says, "Additionally, since it is not just the student with APD who is affected, it is hoped that parents, families, educators and administrators will find some insights from this book.

The only thing in life that stops you from achieving your goals is the limits you set. If you are willing to work hard, understand your needs and accept help when needed, the sky is the limit in what you can accomplish."
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