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I Get It!, I Get It! How John Figures It Out, is about one boy’s triumph over Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). A child with APD often feel alone and misunderstood. If they do not understand what APD is, they become angry and confused with how it affects their daily life. This contributes to feelings of low self-esteem, sadness and confusion. I Get It!, I Get It!, with it’s colorful illustrations, brings to life John’s journey from confusion to understanding, good self-esteem and figuring it out from a

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Loraine Alderman, Psy.D.
There has been an overwhelmingly fabulous Worldwide response to Dr. Alderman’s books. With parents & professionals from Australia to London, from Bangkok to the Netherlands and all across the USA, gaining amazing insights and experiencing positive results from both.
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child’s point of view.
This book will:
*Explain APD to children.
*Raise a child’s self-esteem.
*Increase a parents understanding of APD.
*Help parents and teachers to work more effectively with the child who has APD.
The Glossary of Terms, Ways You Can Help Your Child at Home and at School and list of Resources in the back of the book provide valuable information for anyone who has APD. This is an excellent book for audiologists, speech therapists and special education teachers to use in their practice as well as to recommend to families affected with APD.
" Children with Auditory Processing Deficits find the world a confusing, challenging place. Although they do not have a 'hearing loss', they often 'mis-hear' and may misinterpret instruction, directions and discussions that they receive auditorily. As a result, this pervasive disorder causes great difficulty for the child in the classroom, the home and in the community.

In I GET IT !! I GET IT !!, Yvonne Capitelli and Loraine Alderman put a human face on this puzzling disorder by viewing it through the eyes of John, a grade school boy who struggles with Auditory Processing every day. With the support of his family and his teacher, John learns how to deal with his disorder. The story enables the reader to better understand the disorder....and offers concrete strategies for the adults in the child's life.

Beyond the John narrative, the book also includes a detailed glossary of related terms and a list of practical modifications and adjustments that parents can make at home to assist the child. This book could be helpful in assisting kids...and deal more effectively with Auditory Processing Difficulties."

Richard D. Lavoie
Producer, THE F.A.T. City Workshop
Endorcement by Kathy Garver
Although best remembered for her co-starring role as "Cissy" in the
C.B.S. primetime television hit, "Family Affair", Kathy Garver has also garnered critical acclaim in movies, stage and voice-over animation. Kathy had the following to say about my book……..
Simple to understand, yet not simple minded, I Get It is a bountiful book which explains in clear language and beautiful illustrations what ADP is. Sharing the joy when the the character, John, finally Gets it, is heart warming and reachable for those who live with ADP, which is indeed a family affair. Anecdotes, practical steps and resources combine to create a book the entire family can share and learn by. I heartily recommend this book which will result in all of us listening and hearing more clearly.
Kathy Garver
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Burlingame, CA 94011-7345

Check it out: I Get It!, I Get It!

By Loraine Alderman and Yvonne Capitelli - NYSUT United - March 21, 2012 

How John Figures It Out —


One Boy's Journey and


Triumph with Auditory


Processing Disorder


Recommended by: Patricia Palladino, library media specialist, member of the United Federation of Teachers

Suitable for: Grades 1-6

Why I chose it: This book fills a void; there have not been any books available for children concerning auditory learning disabilities. This book helps children to understand what they are experiencing and to realize they are not alone. Colorful illustrations bring to life John's journey from confusion to triumph.

What I like best: The message John gets is that, even though he has an auditory learning disability, he can live a happy and successful life. Additionally, in the appendix there is a helpful glossary of terms and a list of things parents and teachers can do to assist the child both at home and at school.

How teachers can use this book: It is a great book for helping children to understand their learning disability, and how they can help themselves. The book will increase children's self-esteem, confidence and determination. Teachers will find many ways to help children be successful in the "Ways to help your child" section in the back of the book.

About the authors: Loraine Alderman, is a psychologist and children's advocate for children with learning disabilities. Learn more at

Yvonne Capitelli, is an award-winning children's author of character-building books and a children's motivational speaker; for more information visit

"Check it Out" features books recommended to teachers and parents by school librarians. Have a recommendation? School librarians may send suggestions, along with your name and local union, to

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June 15, 2012
L.I. authors collaborate on children's book
Story highlights auditory processing disorder
By Shannon Koehle
Courtesy Yvonne Capitelli
Authors Yvonne Capitelli, left, and Loraine Alderman posed for a picture with Rick Lavoie who endorsed their children’s book, “I Get It! I Get It!”.

East Meadow resident Loraine Alderman was advocating for her son Andrew Alderman, now 22, when she noticed he was exhibiting learning disability symptoms at a young age. He was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder by 6 years old and received classroom and testing accommodations from third-grade on.

“I had to advocate for him in the school system and the only way to advocate is to become knowledgeable about something,” said Loraine. It was through research and a trip to Andrew’s speech therapist that she realized he was not alone. Loraine was diagnosed with APD in her 40s.

Loraine wanted to share her acquired knowledge on APD with others and co-wrote “Don’t You Get It? Living with Auditory Learning Disabilities.” She also became a member of the Long Island Authors Group where she was introduced to award-winning author Yvonne Capitelli, of Rockville Centre, who was presenting one evening. The two decided to meet at a diner to chat and an idea for a new book sprung to life. After working with an illustrator and publisher for nearly two years, “I Get It! I Get It! How John Figures It Out,” went to press in January. The twosome became proud authors of the first book on APD that is written for children from a child’s perspective.

Based on Andrew’s first-hand experiences, the book follows one week in the life of John who encounters difficult situations at home and in school. He is frustrated and just doesn’t get ‘it’ until a teacher suggests his parents have John tested for APD. With a diagnosis, John receives the testing and in-class accommodations he needs to succeed in an academic environment.

APD, which appears about 5 percent of people, effects the way the brain recognizes and interprets sounds, particularly speech. According to KidsHealth, “Kids with APD often do not recognize subtle differences between sounds in words, even when the sounds are loud and clear enough to be heard.” One example, said Loraine, is when Andrew heard a teacher say “youth in Asia” rather than “euthanasia”. This situation caused students to laugh, an embarrassing situation familiar to many students with APD, said Loraine.

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